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Klađenje našom Tipico sportskom aplikacijom za Vaš pametni telefon ili tablet je kao nikada do sada. Gdje god se nalazili, na dodir prsta Vas čeka bogata ponuda budućih događaja kao i događaja uživo.

Pametni telefon Tablet

Ili otvorite u Vašem mobilnom pregledniku.



Aktivirajte opciju nepoznatih izvora.

Uđite u Postavke na vašem mobitelu i pod Sigurnosti aktivirajte opciju Nepoznati izvori


Download aplikacije

Pritiskom na "instaliraj aplikaciju" za download na Vaš pametni telefon.


Posjetite Tipico putem mobilnog preglednika.

Posjetite putem mobilnog preglednika. Na vrhu ekrana će se pojaviti link "Tipico Android - instalacija aplikacije". Kliknite na download.


Instaliraj aplikaciju

Instalirajte aplikaciju nakon skidanja i uživajte u iskustvu Tipico klađenja.

Ukoliko imate poteškoća,kontaktirajte.

More information

The Tipico app is one of the best sports betting apps currently available on the European market. Its clarity and ease of use allow the problem-free placing of sports bets with just a few clicks, even when on the move. As always, Tipico's app is also available for Android and tablets (iPad) and not just the iPhone, and only requires a few steps to be installed on the device. Tipico's app allows mobile betting at any time, any place, thus enabling betting to be enjoyed around the clock. The most important points - bets, account and browsing - are set out clearly on the home screen. Registration is quick and easy on both the iPhone and Android apps and only takes a few moments. Betting can then be enjoyed straight away. Current live bets, the highlight of the day as well as live scores and results can be found under the 'Bets' part of Tipico's sports betting app. This not only allows quickly and direct access to the most important pages for betting on the go, it also places the results and current scores for your favourite team at your fingertips. Just one click on the various categories takes you straight to a well laid out sub-page where bets can be easily placed on the spot. Once the bets have been selected, one click of the finger takes you to the betting slip itself, and this can be viewed at any time. Along with the standard mobile app there is also an extra smartphone page with more detailed graphics, and it also catches the eye with its clear and coherent design. In addition to the menu points also available on standard mobile apps there is also a great information bar at the bottom edge of the app's screen specially designed for iPhone and Android. This does not only shows your current credit but also both the number of bets currently still open and those already played. Tipico's app for iPhone, Android and tablet is a must for every betting fan, as from the clear interface, via its ease of use and right up to live scores and results, the app offers everything needed for mobile betting.

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