What is new at Tipico?


NEW: An easier registration process

Signing up to a new service can be tedious. With this in mind, we have simplified our registration process so you get signed up quicker and in fewer steps. The new, shorter process is also available on mobile and tablet.
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14.01.2014: Bonus tab in the Account Statement

Now it’s easier than ever to find information regarding your bonus. The new Bonus section within the Account Statement gives you full transparency so you know exactly which bonuses you received and your turnover progression.
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14.01.2014: Search filter in the search results page

In our previous search results page, it was tedious to find the results and live scores for your favourite teams as you had to scroll below the upcoming matches search results. However with the introduction of a search filter in our search results page, you can tick the group of search results you wish to see.
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14.01.2014: Colour coded bet markets

With our extensive list of bet markets, it is often difficult to know which bet markets can be added to a combi bet and which can’t.
For this reason, we have colour coded bet markets. To try this feature, open the bet market list of an event and combine bet markets with different colour.
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29.10.2013: Special bets layer

Here you will get a better overview of the special and further bets on offer. The bet markets have been grouped together into categories.
For further info on any bet markets, just simply hovver the mouseover and an explanation will open for you.

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29.10.2013: Results Archive

As well as the Results and Livescores page, we have also given the Results archive a makeover.
Make full use of the calendar on the left hand side to retrieve full info about an event in a certain date range. We have also updated the design of the displayed pages for you.

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29.10.2013: Results and Livescore page

We have improved the Results and Live scores page. By using the dynamic link on the right side, you will be able to access all the Results and Live scores.
Together with the new design, which displays the events even clearer, we have also updated the search function. Use the new Time-line on the results and Livescores page to be able to filter your events just like on Sports betting pages.

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11.09.2013: Navigation Improvement

We have improved the navigation for the sport events section. There is a separate Lobby for Sports where you can find Highlights and Last Minute Events ready to go!

Plus, we have added a save selection feature which will make it much easier for you to flip between pages WITHOUT losing your best selections.

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11.09.2013: Design Improvement

From today the Tipico website shines in new splendor!

You can also profit from the new design. Your Events will be shown clearer and much nicer now. Besides the optical improvements, the functionality has also been updated, so that, for example, you can show or hide the further bet options making it easier for you to choose your bet markets.

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26.05.2013: My Casino History

Always have everything under control with our latest feature in the Tipico Casino. All games are listed out in detail for you from now on. These include date, time and rounds ID. This means complete transparency and a clear overview for you!

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26.05.2013: Auto-Roulette in Tipico Live Casino

Enjoy a quick, exciting round of live-action roulette! View the video of a real automatic roulette wheel, filmed live in our casino studio. Get ready to place your bets&hellip.
A new round is just around the corner!

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19.03.2013: Statistics Layer for Basketball & Tennis

Always be up-to-date! From now on we offer our extensive statistics service for Basketball and Tennis. Simply navigate with the mouse over the statistics icon next to the game, and you will instantly receive the most important information at one glance.
According to the sports, we will provide you with head to head indication for each team and the most recent position in the world ranking list. Try it out and browse through the statistics!


19.03.2013: Casino integration into My Account Statement

Retain a complete overview! From now on we display your Casino balance in My Account Statement.
See your current Account Balance for Bets, Casino and Live Casino. Furthermore, you are able to buy and sell Casino chips from the Account Statement page. Get the complete overview for all of your transactions incl. history here!

Casino Lobby

13.11.2012: Even more fun with our live bets

Let us entertain you with an exciting betting experience in our new live betting area! The live betting area has been completely redesigned to make betting even easier and more appealing. Besides a new design, new features such as the Goalbox were implemented. The Goalbox displays the last ten events of the live betting conference. Finally, the top games are gleaming in renewed splendor and convince with new details and an attractive design. Look, see and take a dip in the Tipico live betting experience!

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13.11.2012: Sending documents quick and easy

The entire document upload has been revised and is available under "Personal Data" in the user account as of now. Here you can upload the documents needed for verification comfortably and follow the processing status. Once the verification process is complete, you will be informed of it by mail additionally. Easy, user friendly and fast - Tipico’s new document upload!


13.08.2012: Search function in Results & Livescore

Do you use our "Results & Live score" service?

If so, then we have great news for you.
We have made it even easier to use! Thanks to a new search function, which you can find at the top right hand corner, you can find the results and live scores you need even quicker.
Try it out and you see the difference!


To Sportsbetting and please select the betting tool "Results & Livescore"

13.08.2012: Statistics-Layer

All the important statistics to each event, right where you need them - next to the odds.
We can now offer you this brand new service. Our new statistics layer for top Football information is introduced with this release. Just hover the mouse over the statistics button on the homepage and the layer will open giving you instant access to the most important information to help you make the right decisions. Depending on the game, we will show you Head2Head, league tables, home/Away performance statistics. Let your mouse do the work and get the latest Football stats!

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13.08.2012: Casino Relaunch

After quite a few months of hard work we are excited to finally announce the launch of our new Casino.
On visiting the casino lobby it will become immediately obvious that the main aim of the re launch, was to give some life to our casino website adapting it to the needs and wants of casino customers. The site was designed bearing in mind the need for easy navigation and self-explanatory deposit transfer and withdrawal procedures, and we are happy with the final product’s ability to cater for all these.

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05.06.2012: New design of the left navigation area

Following up on the success of the new "Top Navigation" header in our last release, we have also made extensive changes to our Left hand navigation area including a brand new design!
Now, the period of the events per Sport can be chosen using a sliding scale. Alongside the new design we have also optimised the functionality to improve usability.


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05.06.2012: Release in Denmark

With our latest update, we have integrated the Danish language.
The Danish Licence was awarded to Tipico by the Danish Gambling authority last month and we are now looking forward to seeing many new Danish customers.

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27.03.2012: Search: Favourites

In this release we bring our search function up to date with the new category "most frequent search term".
This update will show the user their own personalised "Top 5" search terms.
If the user doesn’t have a "Top 5", a generalised list using a combination of the search term entered will be shown.  
The clever thing here is that a search result will be given after entering only 2 letters! After the 3 letter the search will show all results for this combination.

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27.03.2012: Updated Header area

In preparation for our next casino relaunch (coming soon!), and future design enhancements, we have updated the top navigation header. Now the header, including the search function, has a new, darker colour.

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27.03.2012: Relaunch - Info/News

Due to the success of our info/news "postbox", we have revamped the service.
Now, at the top right hand of the header area, we have integrated a new menu button "info/news.
When you receive a new post from us, the menu button will be highlighted and the amount of news post will be shown. With just one click you have access to a list of all your latest info/news posts.

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31.01.2012: Re-designed Betting market filter

All betting possibilities for a particular market at a glance!
Our betting market filter has always allowed you to do this - With the latest release we have given it a great new look!


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31.01.2012: Social Networking

Have you seen us on Facebook or Google+? Simply click on the icons at the bottom of the page to visit us.


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29.11.2011: Looking for something special?

With the release v4.13 we have introduced our optimised search function. Thanks to the better position in the top navigation the search function is now always available and ready to use. Try it out and browse through the list of hits, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.


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29.11.2011: Registering has never been so easy

Our customers are our main concern, that’s why we are constantly updating our website to make it even more user-friendly. After receiving customer feedback, we have re-designed our registrations page and made it easier to open an account at Tipico.


To the registrations page

29.11.2011: Livegames in your betting selection

From now on you can access Live betting direct from your betting selection. Use the normal Tipico Navigation to make your betting selection, if your selection has Live-games, these will be shown at the top of your choice.


To Football

09.08.2011: Top Navigation bar

With our latest release v4.11 we have redesigned the Top Navigation bar.  Thanks to the clean and well-arranged layout your prefered choice is just a click away! Try it and see.

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09.08.2011: Statistics page relaunch

Not only have we given our statistics page a completely new look, but we have also updated the way you can access the important information you need to make the right betting choices. With this release you also have more information about each player and the teams.

To the statistics page

09.08.2011: Neteller as a Payments method

As part of our ongoing effort to make payments and withdrawals easier and more customer friendly, we are now happy to be able to offer you Neteller as a further Payments method.

To the Payments page

09.08.2011: What our customer bet on

Not sure if your team is going to get a win or only draw? Take a look at what other Tipico customers have been betting on. The new Icon "Our customers bet like this" in the Highlights section of our Homepage will give you info on what percentages (1/X/2) our customers are betting around the world.

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09.08.2011: Live games now with "Cheering and Jeering"

Keep up to date with live Football or Icehockey matches, you can now also hear the crowd cheering with every goal scored! When a red card is shown the crowd will jeer and boo. A great new service for those surfing the net but wanting to stay on top of the game!

To the live cheers

31.05.2011: Top Tennis

Game, Set and Match for the new Tipico Tennis Live Betting. From 1st. June we are offering a great selection of Live Top Tennis matches with the best betting markets. Just in time for the Tennis saison Mega highlights such as Wimbledon or the French open you will be able to follow the games, ball-by-ball, ace-by-ace and with full info to make the best betting choices. Game Set and Match for the new Tipico tennis live betting!


31.05.2011: Live Casino Relaunch

Over the last few weeks our Casino page has been given a great facelift. Now we have also renovated our Live-casino page to match it! Take a look yourself and see the brand new, modern and chic design at our Live casino tables. We have attractive croupiers waiting at the tables to see you.

To the Live Casino

31.05.2011: Mini Casino

Betting on Live matches and playing in the casino at the same time? At Tipico we have made this possible with our new Mini-Casino. You can be watching your teams progress in the Live betting page and also be winning while playing at out new Mini-Casino games! Choose from the large selection of  great Mini-Casino games without having to open a new browser or page.

To Mini-Casino

29.03.2011: Homepage in a great new look

With our release for v4.9 tipico.com has a great new design, layout and look! The start page has a new navigation "Header" with an easy to use menu. The design has been renovated for a more modern look without losing the Tipico feeling. We will be keeping you informed and up to date on any future changes we make.

To the homepage

29.03.2011: Relaunch in Casino

We have relaunched our Casino for a better customer experience. New colours, new layout, new teasers for each game, lists of past winner and complete info about huge jackpots! Want to know more? The Casino is only a click away!

To the Casino
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